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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feeling Better

Scripture Reading: Bemidbar (Numbers) 21-22

Num 22:35 And the Messenger of יהוה said to Bil'am, "Go with the men, but only the word that I speak to you, that you speak." Bil'am then went with the heads of Balaq.

Pinwheel Sweater: I think I made it to round 99 last night, so little by little, it's progressing.

Frugal Knitting Haus ( http://www.frugalhaus.com/Scripts/default.asp): I got my order from Frugal Knitting Haus today. Well, actually I'm not sure exactly when it got here because I got a pick-up slip for the package in my P.O. box, so it might have arrived even earlier than today. Anyway, for free shipping, they are faster than others to whom I have paid for shipping!! Plus they give you free patterns with every order. One of the pattern books I got has a crochet coat I like that I may try if the Pinwheel Sweater doesn't turn out well. Or I may try to make it even if the Pinwheel Sweater does turn out well. Because I like it. In fact, I like two other coats/sweaters from this same book, so who knows what I'll end up doing.

Duel: Two suggestions for this new game show--Make the graphics showing the questions BIGGER on the screen. I was not able to read them in their teeny, tiny box on the screen even with my glasses on and squinting. Secondly, PLEASE give the host a button to elevate and lower the screen between the two players. It took no time at all to get sick of hearing him say, "Screen up, please" and "Screen down, please".

Clash Of The Choirs: I don't think it was quite the runaway for Team LaBelle last night as it was the night before, but they definitely did fantastic again. I have to give credit to Team Lachey for utilizing the different choir parts better, but it really would have been great if his bass singers had been better bass singers. I wish Michael Bolton would try a different soloist and basically let the rest of his choir sing more rather than all the focus being on his pet Ryan, or are the rest of them so bad that he has to put Ryan front and center on every song? Can't even remember Team Shelton's song, so it must not have impressed me much.

The Biggest Loser: Very inspiring weight loss with the four finalists, and a small number of the eliminated players as well. Pretty awesome that the twin brothers both won their respective competitions. They both looked like totally different people. I've never seen anyone's face look so completely different just from losing weight. Even though Neil had basically as dramatic of a weight loss, his face still looked like his previous face, just thinner. Same with the others with big losses, but Jim's and Bill's faces looked very different from before, not just thinner.

Dinner Tonight: So-Tender Swiss Steak



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