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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Snuggle Tubbie Blues

Scripture Reading: Vayikra (Leviticus) 5-7

Lev 7:26 ‘And do not eat any blood in any of your dwellings, of bird or of beast.

Crochet Snuggle Tubbie: I am not happy with how this second one is turning out. I tried doing the stitch pattern for the sides differently than I did for the first one, thinking I might be getting the directions more correct this time, but the sides are flopping out rather than standing up like the first Snuggle Tubbie did. So, I made the decision to frog the 4-1/2 rounds of the sides that I've already done and start the side rounds over, doing the stitch pattern the way I did on the first Snuggle Tubbie. My husband always rolls his eyes when I do this (unravel my work), seeing it as unnecessary perfectionism. He has a point this time since after all this is 'just' a cat bed, and the cats have all been piling on top of the first Snuggle Tubbie and flattening down the sides anyway (not cocooning in it as I had envisioned). But for some reason, I just like for my things to turn out 'perfect', even if I'm the only one who knows it.

What the first Snuggle Tubbie looked like BEFORE being given to the cats:

What the first Snuggle Tubbie looks like now AFTER the cats have had their way with it:

Chuck: I like this show. There are enough clever and funny parts to keep my interest, and I like all the characters. I think in some ways it reminds me of 'Get Smart' with a good mixture of comedy and adventure. I like how Chuck is really a genius even though he lives with his sister and works at the Buy More--the ultimate underachiever. I'm also enjoying the new coupling of Morgan and Anna. And their boss cracks me up--"Don't knock on my door for ANY reason."

Dancing With The Stars: What more can I say about the Marie voting bloc? It looks like the judges are doing their best to counteract it. After this many weeks, her remarks are starting to grate on my nerves--"I'm one of the biggest doll designers in the world"--to which I say, so what? This is a dancing competition, not a doll-designing competition. Although Mel was my favorite going into the finals, I think she and Max blew it in the free-style round. I actually turned to my husband while that dance was going on and said, "This is just too disjointed." And that's exactly the same word Len used when he gave his assessment afterward--'disjointed'.

Helio and Julianne may have leaped to the lead position with their free-style being so good and entertaining and superior to the others. I still think it is an injustice that Sabrina got cut so early while Marie stayed week after week after week, and the producers may want to think about making the show just entertainment and not a competition, like watching 10 celebrities for 10 weeks and seeing how much they improve (or not) week by week. Otherwise, if it continues to be a popularity contest (a la Marie), that could be done in one show--trot out all the celebrities and let everyone vote for their favorite regardless of dancing ability and that's that.

Dinner Tonight: Curried Beef Kabobs



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