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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Queue-ing Up

Scripture Reading: Vayikra (Leviticus) 8-10

Lev 9:23 And Mosheh and Aharon went into the Tent of Meeting, and came out and blessed the people. And the esteem of יהוה appeared to all the people,
Lev 9:24 and fire came out from before יהוה and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar. And all the people saw and cried aloud and fell on their faces.

I found it interesting that it seems that immediately after this happened that Nadab and Abihu decided to go before YHWH with strange fire--

Lev 10:1 And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aharon, each took his fire holder and put fire in it, and put incense on it, and brought strange fire before יהוה, which He had not commanded them.
Lev 10:2 And fire came out from יהוה and consumed them, and they died before יהוה.

They would have been better off had they followed the example of the rest of the people and fallen on their faces instead!

Curried Beef Kabobs: My husband loved these, remarking, "It's all my favorite things!" I left out the tomatoes, though, since they are not among his favorite things. I loved the smell and taste of the marinade. The kids loved the kabobs, too.

Crochet Snuggle Tubbie: It seemed like it took forever to tear out the 4-1/2 rounds of the sides last night, but I finally got that done and also managed to get about 2-1/2 rounds re-crocheted in the stitch pattern I had used for the first Snuggle Tubbie. It's already looking much better, so I'm sure I made the right call in starting over on the sides. (That's Sherbie in the picture.)

The Queue: I'm thinking about starting a new section on the left-hand side of my layout here for things I'm thinking about making, planning to make, getting prepared to start making, etc. In Ravelry we have a section in our notebooks for this type of brainstorming and preparation called the 'Queue'--"where ideas for future projects are kept". This is a great tool for organizing because ideas don't come to us sequentially in a nice neat orderly fashion. We'll see something and think, "Oh, that would be good for _____________ ." Other times, we're looking specifically for a certain type of thing, but may find several different good possibilities that fit what we're looking for or several things a certain intended recipient might like, so we need to investigate each possibility further before we know which one is 'the one'. It's great having a place to collect all these thoughts and ideas.

Also, even when we're pretty sure we're going to make a certain thing, there may be prep work required before we can get started--needles/yarn/accessories that need to be rounded up and/or purchased, gauge swatches to make to determine for sure which needles and yarn are needed, measurements to take (or request) to know for sure which size to make, etc.

So, when you see a knitter or crocheter working on a project, it is very likely that s/he is also working on several more projects in her/his head while stitching away. For instance, I may be crocheting a Snuggle Tubbie right now, but visions of mittens, slippers, sweaters, skirts, blankets, afghans and even butterflies are dancing in my head. (see The Butterfly Project at http://www.hmh.org/minisite/butterfly/index.html )

JourneyMan: I'm not absolutely certain, but I think Dan's brother finally believes him about what's been happening to him. (I was kind of in and out of the room basting the broiling kabobs while JourneyMan was on.) Anyway, I hope Jack does finally believe him because then at least it won't all be on Katie's shoulders to be Dan's sole support system in such a difficult situation. The way the whole thing has played out between the two brothers makes you wonder how you would respond if your sibling told you something like that was happening to them, doesn't it?

Dancing With The Stars: No big surprise that Helio and Julianne won, but I feel kinda bad that Mel and Maks (discovered on the show graphics last night that that's how it's actually spelled) didn't. I thought she was an awesome dancer, but I think that their disappointingly disjointed free-style dance is what tipped the balance in Helio's favor since his free-style was much more of a crowd-pleaser. Or maybe Helio was more popular in the audience voting all along. At least Marie has admitted, "We knew every single week that we were here because of [my fans]. Obviously, I'm not the best dancer. We know that." It was a relief to read that because we were getting the impression she did think she was the best dancer and deserved to win. My husband predicts that brother Donny will be on the next season of DWTS.

The Biggest Loser: Okay, I have to say this--It is MORE than mere soy sauce that caused Bryan to have low weight loss percentages week after week. Ever since this show came on the air I have wondered why they do not do a 24-hour camera surveillance like on 'Big Brother'. This way, the cheaters could not get away with, "I did everything I possibly could, blah, blah, blah....." Also, it would be nice if the truly biggest loser (going by total percentage of weight loss) actually won. Instead of "the biggest threat" (i.e. one of those with the best weight loss records, AKA the biggest losers) being voted out by the poorer performers, how about just sending home each week the one who posts the lowest weight loss percentage?

Dinner Tonight: Cheesy Mexican Chicken.



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