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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Latest TV Watching

The Mole: After initially suspecting Victoria, I then switched to Alex when she got eliminated. After Alex was eliminated, everyone left looked so mole-y that I couldn't settle on a single suspect. Now, with Clay gone, it's even more difficult to narrow it down because all four left have done mole-ish things. For a long time I felt like Nicole couldn't be the mole because she was far too obvious, but now I'm wondering if that could be a strategy--look so much like the mole that you won't be suspected? Craig, being the 'nice guy' through most of the show, is also suspect for that alone. Paul and Mark have caused trouble and kept money out of the pot at various times. For me, right now, it's a toss-up as to which one is the mole, and it's driving me crazy, especially since I haven't caught on to ANY hidden clues. I always hate when they show those at the end of the season and realize I totally missed them.

Big Brother 10: Jessie is just not a likable person. He seems to hate women and be overly concerned with other men's looks, not to mention his own. He certainly has made it a tall order to expect everyone to 'respect', i.e. admire, him as much as he does himself. Keesha is overly obsessed with April, and one has to wonder why--is she jealous because Ollie is interested in April instead of her? I have a question for Jerry: If what you did to Brian was totally justified, then why the repeated talk about how you didn't wear any military garb while you were doing it?Jessie was foolish not to use Dan's loyalty to his advantage instead of putting him on the block. I don't really want to see Dan or Steve go, but I'm not sure who I'd want to leave in their place if one of them gets the power of veto. At this point, Jessie's the most offensive person in the house, even outranking Renny, but since he's HoH, no chance of him being evicted yet.

Nashville Star: Okay, isn't it way past time for Billy Ray to get a haircut and a new do? That stringy hair in the face just doesn't work. And I still cannot understand why that Coffey guy is still in the running. He sings like a goat and sounds terrible. I guess I just don't get it. I thought Melissa was the best singer from the beginning, and I think she still is, but it's sure difficult to predict who will win. I never would have dreamed Coffey would make it as far as he has, so I suppose anything can happen.

Wanna Bet?: I don't want to try it to find out, but the way that guy was able to tell what a CD was by licking it has to be because they can be 'read' like Braille somehow. The letters and/or designs have to be different in some way from the rest of the background, by taste or feel, but how does one manage to first discover this? Pretty weird.

High School Musical-Get In The Picture: We liked most of the Eastern finalists, but would have preferred either of the two boys who got eliminated over too-full-0f-himself Isaiah and Ciara over Bailey. It's too bad that we had to see Tierney, a lovely girl with a beautiful voice, belching so much and so loudly--not a pretty picture. Looking forward to seeing the Western auditions.

Weeds: I think we're caught up on the episodes of this show. It looks like there may be a romance brewing between Nancy and the Mexican boss man. Bee-stung Doug was hilarious, as was Celia's gap-toothed smile at the dinner table.



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