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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Catching Up On TV

We're still trying to catch up on all the episodes we missed during Husband's hospitalization and being away for work.

Greatest American Dog: I really enjoyed the second episode of this show. Sadly that Brandy, who pushes around her dog, Beacon, is still in it, but at least we will no longer have to endure the supremely annoying eh-eh-eh sounds from Elan, although her giant dog, Kenji, will probably still be subjected to them. The highlight of this episode was Beth Joy defying the judges and defending her practice of dressing her dog, Bella Starlet, as if she was a Barbie doll, despite the experts/judges explaining to her why that was not a safe practice for her dog (other dogs cannot read her body language cues because of the clothes covering them up) and because part of the challenge was to judge each dog's grooming, which they were not able to do since most of Bella Starlet's body was covered with a dress. After her outburst at the judges, which we thought would seal her fate, we were surprised when they eliminated Elan and Kenji instead, but oh well, there's always the next episode, where maybe we'll get to see Elvis (Jack Russell Terrier) attack one of the other dogs again while his indifferent owner, David, looks on.

Fear Itself: The episode we watched was the one that was another variant of the Dawn of the Dead theme--ghoulish zombies wandering around eating people. In this case, it focuses on a woman who seemed to be recovering from a night of heavy-duty partying, still hung over, and not initially aware of all the chaos going on around her. There were regular flashbacks to the night before throughout, which got totally predictable when her friend told her she was taking a cab to the party instead of being be picked up by her. In addition to the poor acting in this episode, the ending was a total betrayal. Basically they told one story all the way through until they got to the end, and then they retold the whole story differently. It was unsatisfying.

Last Comic Standing: I still think Sean Cullen is the funniest when it comes to those little side interviews. How does he even think of things like 'frozen barf'? Marcus is pretty funny, and Jeff Dye did do great in the Bed, Bath and Beyond challenge, and I can see why Carrot Top picked him as the winner. I was sad to see Paul Foot go, as he was likable--strange and odd, but likable--and funny often enough to remain likable. I wasn't sad to see Papa CJ go, especially after we had to endure the same old material from him. These comics need to keep in mind that while each studio audience may be a new one, the TV audience is likely to have already heard whatever material they used in previous episodes. Big congrats to Iliza for eliminating four contestants, for being the 'killer comic', as Paul Foot referred to her. I wonder if they'll finally stop picking her for the elimination challenge now that she's proven how deadly she can be.

So You Think You Can Dance: Comfort went to the bottom of my list early on because I didn't like her attitude in the early episodes, so I was content with her departure, only to be discontented with her return in the next episode. While she has seemed to adjust her attitude, I still don't think she's as talented as the other female dancers. I've now kind of settled on who my favorites are: Chelsea and Katee for the girls and Will and Joshua for the boys. Will is just technically amazing, and Joshua does a really good job maintaining his masculinity and still being a great dancer. Chelsea and Katee are just amazing dancers. While I like Courtney and Kherington, it was okay with me for one of them to go rather than Chelsea or Katee, although I would have preferred to Comfort to go for the second time. I'm okay with Gev leaving rather than any of the other guys. I think my favorite dance of the week was Will and Katee's Pas de Deux.

Big Brother 10: It's wonderful having Big Brother back on. What we've seen so far is up to where Brian gets evicted. The back-dooring of Brian was the GREATEST flip and blindside I've ever seen on Big Brother. I don't think I've ever seen that many people united so early on to make such a big game play. The way I saw it, it was Libra who initiated the whole thing, so she's going to be someone to watch. Brian just got too interested in letting everyone know how in control he believed he was and ended up really blowing it for himself. We had already noted that he was mistakenly thinking of himself as Dr. Will far too prematurely before Libra came to the same conclusion. I think Michelle is someone to watch as well because I noticed she was doing a lot of comforting of everybody, seeming to try to endear herself to everyone and trying to be everyone's friend. Jerry's repeated talk of not wearing anything military while stabbing Brian in the back was pretty lame, as if as long as he doesn't wear it the exact moment he is doing the backstabbing, then it's okay to keep wearing it after the backstabbing. I really wanted to like and root for Jerry, but he disappointed me when he allowed himself to be so easily manipulated by Brian and then by pretty much everyone else. It's almost like he's never watched the show, but he claimed in the intro that he'd watched every episode since season 1. Both Jessie and Renny were equally annoying to me in their little conflict. She kept going on about how immature Jessie is, but exactly how mature is it to go into a room full of sleeping people, turn on the light and make as much noise as you can? On the other hand, Renny was right about the fact that she apologized right after the incident, and Jessie was indeed lying in saying that she hadn't. But conflicts like that are what make the show entertaining, so I was hoping that they'd both stay for that reason alone. Most disgusting moment of the show: April going around requesting people she just met to feel her breasts and then the people actually doing it!



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