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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Randomness...All About Books

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

This week's questions are book related....

1. Who are your favorite authors?
Anne Tyler, Alice Hoffman, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain.

2. What are your favorite books?
Breathing Lessons, Turtle Moon, Pride and Prejudice, Hard Times, Innocents Abroad.

3. What kind of books do you tend to read? Sci-fi, Romance, Mystery...etc...?
I tend to read lots of different genres--True Crime, Mystery, Biography, Popular Fiction, Fantasy, Classic Literature, Religious, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Alternate History and even some Horror. I'll try most any genre in case I may end up liking it or discover a good writer.

4. Do you prefer to borrow books from the library or buy them?
I prefer to borrow from the library, but when they don't have what I'm looking for or if they have a long waiting list, then I'll look online, usually at Amazon or eBay for a used copy I can purchase. Every once in a while I'll come across a good sale and buy new.

5. Do you prefer hardcover or paperback?
Paperback--easier to hold. I have the greatest bookholder in 2 sizes--BookMate--so it's much easier to read and take along paperbacks using those.

6. What was the last book you read? What are you reading now?
Last read: Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman. Currently Reading: Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton.

7. Do you read everyday?
Yes. At the very least, 3-4 chapters of the Scriptures every morning and as much as I can of the book on my nightstand before I fall asleep every night.

8. On average how many books do you read per year?
I have no idea, but I'm going to guess around 25.

9. Do you belong to any book clubs?
Yes, all of them on Ravelry--Ravelry Book Club, Ravelry Book Group, Knitting 19th Century Novels, Read~Knit~Cook--and I also listen to CraftLit.

10. Recommend a good book.
I really liked Expanded Universe by Robert Heinlein, which is a collection of his short stories and essays along with commentary in between each selection. I thought his commentary throughout the book made him really accessible as a person, and I really liked the way he looked back at what was going on in the world when each selection was written as well as his projections about the future from his 1980 viewpoint.


Shannon H. said...

Great answers to Randomness. I agree that paperback books are easier to hold.

Tuppence said...

And they don't hurt as much when I drop them on my face when I fall asleep!

naida said...

hi, great answers.
you do beautiful work! I'm a crocheter myself.


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