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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Top 6 Girls

American Idol: I'm sorry, but I could only come up with 4 girls that stood out from the pack in last night's show (in order of their appearance):

Kady Malloy--Liked her since her initial audition and still liked her performance last night. I thought she made a very 60s song (Groovy Kind of Love) sound contemporary and entertaining.

Asia'h Epperson--I was not a fan of hers during the early auditions because she seemed to repeatedly suffer from what I call 'the Johnny Mathis syndrome'. This is where the singer starts singing a note/word and then their voice disappears for a second or more and then returns. During last night's performance, she had no Johnny Mathis episodes until the latter part of the song, and by then she was doing such a great job with the song that I was willing to overlook the latter-end Johnny Mathis moments.

Ramiele Malubay--This girl is an awesome singer. Great voice. Great stage presence.

Syesha Mercado--She already looks and sounds like a polished professional. Pleasant and entertaining.

At first, I couldn't even come up with a couple more to add in to make a Top 6 because the other girls were even more 'forgettable' than the 'forgettable' boys, but I guess if pressed I might include:

Brooke White--Sang well and on tune, but just not a stand-out performance.

Alaina Whitaker--She also did a decent job, just not outstanding.

The Bottom 6 (and why they're there):

Alexandrea Lushington--All I can remember is the goofy pants and suspenders.

Amanda Overmyer--Was never impressed with this one. Why hasn't anyone noticed that she never holds a note longer than a nanosecond? The reason for that is usually because they can't.

Amy Davis--Sang the entire song out of tune. All the more offensive because I always liked Connie Francis' version of Where The Boys Are.

Carly Smithson--A has-been. She already got her shot with a big-time recording contract with MCA a few years ago. The fact that her shot didn't happen wasn't because of her story that the record company went defunct. The fact is that her CD only sold like 478 copies, and maybe that was at least partly why the record company went defunct after they invested huge sums of money in her. I didn't even like her singing before I learned of her previous recording contract, so I like her even less upon reading all about her long-standing entertainment career going back to childhood. Her place in the competition should have been given to someone who's never yet had a shot.

Joanne Borgella--I wanted to like her, but sadly, her voice was just too unremarkable.

Kristy Lee Cook--The way she kept making bug-eyes freaked me out. She just didn't seem at all comfortable on stage in front of a camera.

Big Brother 9: I'm so glad that Jen didn't get vetoed off the block. Although I like Parker better than her, she just has to go, so I sure hope they get evicted rather than Ryan and Allison. I'm not thrilled with either of them, but Jen is the most offensive by far, so I'd really like to see her go. Aside from her abrasive personality, what's with her wanting to see Adam's uncircumcised penis? And what's with her boyfriend apparently not having a problem with that?

Terminator-The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I have really been enjoying this story. Even after three movies and a few of these TV episodes, it is still a good story and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I hope they don't cut it short like they did with JourneyMan, which is apparently never coming back (boo-hoo).



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