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Sunday, July 6, 2008

That's My Answer

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Shannon asked: What is your opinion of “once a cheater, always a cheater”?

I think it is generally true, but as with most generalizations, there are exceptions.

Take them or leave them: Fireworks?

I love them, but I rarely get to see them anymore unless it's on TV. I don't love them enough to drive a long distance to see them or to pay for watching them, though.

My husband cannot resist cheese. If there is cheese, he is consuming it. It’s like a drug. Seriously. Do you like cheese? What kind of cheese is your favorite?

I love cheese, too, but I don't think it's a serious addiction (not like chocolate, for instance). To date, I don't think I've tasted a cheese I didn't like. Cheddar is what I eat regularly.

Do you untie your shoelaces before taking off your shoes?


I’m allergic so shrimp, raspberries and Aleve. It turns out my daughter has seasonal allergies. What are you allergic to?

I am allergic to only one of my cats! Within minutes after getting her home as a kitten, as I was petting her, and she was snuggling and rubbing against me, I broke out all over, my eyes swelled shut, and I had continuous sneezing and difficulty breathing. Took three days to recover.

I've had cats all my life, and she is the only one to have such an effect on me, but it only happens with direct contact, so I make sure I wash my hands after petting her, and I don't let her rub against me.

If you were an advice columnist, what sort of advice would be tired of handing out?

Advising people to walk away from a boyfriend or girlfriend who's been displaying obvious red flags.

Do you live in the area where you were born?

Born and raised in Los Angeles. Now I'm in extremely rural, dirt-roads Arizona. Only one state away, but worlds away in lifestyle.

Are you watching The Mole? Who do you think is the mole? Do you think you could successfully be the mole?

Yes, we LOVE The Mole and are so happy it is back. It really got wrecked with Celebrity Mole. I do miss Anderson, though.

We initially thought Victoria was the mole, but then she got executed, so now we're suspecting Alex.

I don't think I could ever pull off successful mole behavior. Hard for me to be that duplicitous.

Do you take a multi-vitamin, or do you get your nutrients solely from the food you eat?

No, I don't take a multivitamin, but I probably should.

How far do you think you’d make it if you were in the Tour de France?

I wish I had that rolling on the floor laughing smilie to put here!

Probably just trying to put on the little stretchy suit would defeat me.

Charcoal grill or gas grill?

Like the TV remotes, this is strictly Husband's territory. We have a gas grill now, and I haven't noticed any appreciable difference in taste in foods grilled this way in comparison to charcoal.

How many movies have you watched this year?

We rarely go to a theater (most recently about a year ago), but we do watch a lot of movies on TV or DVD.

I started regularly reviewing the movies we watch on my blog with 24 reviews posted since May 28 and several I haven't posted yet, so from that I would estimate about about 150 movies watched since the beginning of 2008.



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